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Should I Quit My Job?


should I quit?

Do you often find asking yourself any of these questions? 

  •  Should I quit my Job?

  •  Am I using my natural talents daily?

  •  Does what I’m doing matter? 

  •  Do I want to be my own boss? 

A research conducted in the USA earlier this year with over 150,000 participants shows that 70% of the workers are not happy with their jobs.

80% of the employed people in Europe are claimed to be not happy in their jobs.

Are you one of them?

Perhaps you might feel you’re alone but you would be pleasantly surprised that there are several others in the same situation as you. In fact, a daily newspaper in the UK published a report late last year with a headline -

Hating your job is as bad for your health as being unemployed, researchers warn 

  • A demanding job, nasty boss and poor job security are as bad for your mental health as being out of work 

  •  Only those who enjoy their jobs fare better 

  •  Also linked to increased risk of heart disease 

read more about this article and related report on affects of bad job on your health

Julio Rivera of the BBC has designed the following infographic to help you answer The question. To make the most, be honest about your current work environment and whether you are in a position where you can do work that truly embodies who you are and the difference you want to make in the world, or if it’s time for you to move on so you can build a career around the work you Love.

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should i quit my job




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