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5 easy online jobs without investment


Starting a new business, however small, can often mean an initial investment, whether that’s in new stock or premises. And, some offers of home-based jobs which ask for an investment up front can actually be a scam.

But, there are genuine online jobs without investment which can enable you to make money from home, without any start-up costs. Here just 5 ideas for you of online jobs that don’t require any investment at all:

Writing jobs

If you have a passion for the written word, then an online writing job is the perfect way to earn cash without having to make an initial investment. All you need is flair, talent, impeccable spelling and grammar, and an in-depth knowledge of, or the ability to research, your subject matter. You could make money from home by copywriting for a website, writing blogs or even producing product descriptions.

Data entry

While data entry jobs may have suffered in reputation from unscrupulous ‘employers’ who offer a position only to ask for cash upfront to set up a worker in a role which never materialises, there are genuine opportunities out there. Many financial firms require staff to search through, review and input large amounts of data, updating databases with information so their experts and clients have the most up-to-date details at their fingertips.


Companies and individuals need transcriptions for all manner of reasons – whether it’s a busy professional who wants their dictation typed up, or a company who needs minutes of their meetings turned from audio or video to written form for their records, there are a wealth of transcription jobs available online. You simply need to be a stickler for detail and accuracy to impress potential clients.


Time-poor businesspeople often need research to be carried out on their behalf. Journalists and interviewers might want information on their interviewee before they go to speak to them, meaning a trawl of the internet to find previous newspaper articles written about the subject or academic articles written by them, for example. While, those wishing to set up a new business or to expand an existing one may want you to find out about competitors so they can formulate their business plan.

Social media manager

While social media is becoming an ever-increasingly important tool for businesses to market their goods or services and to engage with potential customers and clients, finding enough time to properly manage a Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest site can be tricky. That’s where you can come in, uploading interesting content, replying to followers or fans and increasing the number of likes or retweets.

The days when job seekers were so desperate to find work that they would agree to pay fees upfront are, hopefully, over because job sites like quiddoo, social media and the internet as a whole have made it so much easier to find bona fide online jobs with no investment.

Let us know how you get on in your online job search. We’d love to hear about your chosen career path.

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