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8 Examples of Home based Jobs


work from home jobs

While home based jobs may once have had connotations of poor pay and a lack of variety, those days are long gone. Now, with the ever growing popularity of remote and flexible working among both employers and employees, the choice of home-based jobs and the ways of making money from home is manifold. Here are just a few ideas if you want to work from home online:

Blog writing 

blog writing

Newspapers may be facing circulation decline as readers look elsewhere for their information, meaning that print writing and reporting jobs are in short supply. But, a myriad of opportunities exists online for professional and amateur writers, and those who are experts in certain subjects. Most online companies are now recognising the benefits of incorporating a blog into their site, to improve their Google rankings and provide added value for users.

Graphic designer 


They say a picture paints a thousand words and a good design can communicate visual ideas even more effectively – combining images and words into a coherent whole. Like copywriters, graphic designers can work for individuals, big and small companies, creating sales brochures, website design, business cards, leaflets, e-bulletins, and much more.

Shop keeper 

If you’ve always fancied owning your own vintage fashion store, bookshop or baby clothing outlet, but you don’t want the commitment of certain opening hours, or the costs and overheads associated with starting up and maintaining a physical business, you could start up online instead. According to latest Office for National Statistics figures, the average weekly online spend in the UK increased by nearly 9% year on year from January 2012 to January 2013. By setting up business online from home, you could take a share of that ever-increasing market.

Social media 


As businesses continue to place more importance on social media as part of their marketing strategy, they are searching for help from experts within this field to launch Facebook or Twitter accounts, to manage them, add content and increase likes and followers.


translation service

If you’re a native speaker or you’re fluent in another language, you can use your skills to make money from home. Many people are looking for talented individuals to translate audio clips or print texts into another language, or simply to proof read copy which may have been written by a non-native speaker. Businesses want to make sure they have all the nuances of a language correct in order to impress potential clients and customers, or to break into new markets.

Virtual assistant

virtual assistant

Even if you think you don’t have any skills that you can offer online, you’d be wrong. If you’re a stay-at-home mum, you’ll be more than adept at time management and multi-tasking. Many people are now looking for girl (or boy for that matter) Fridays, who can work from home as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants can work for large companies, small companies and even solo entrepreneurs, providing administrative, technical and social support and becoming a valuable asset for busy business people trying to tick off their to-do list.

Search engine evaluator 


Given that the first touch point for most customers is to search online when they want a particular product or service, search engine evaluators can provide vital advice to companies. Evaluators look for specific topics, keywords and images, charting how a firm’s website appears in search engine results, before reviewing and rating the site and providing valuable tools and advice for businesses hoping to revamp their site and improve their rankings.


The demand for online tutoring is increasing because many people, particularly young people, are more comfortable interacting with a tutor online. That means parents are taking on online tutors to help their children with their biology A levels or their maths GSCEs, while those searching for some technical help are also turning to home-based tutors for help. These could be small business owners who want to be shown how to design their own website, or who want to be brought up to date on the latest health and safety legislation. The possibilities are endless.


Hopefully, our 8 ideas have provided some inspiration to get your search for a home-based job off the ground. 

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